Event Manager

Event Manager

The Event Manager is a smart, built-in feature in the Lightware HDBaseT compatible TPS extender family, the MODEX line and in some select matrix switchers like the MMX6x2-HT series units. The feature is available through the freely downloadable Lightware Device Controller software. 

The Event Manager was developed to handle tasks from the most simple to expert ones, like controlling the rolling shutter, the air conditioning system or the lights based on any condition changes on the media ports, such as a new source being connected or removed.

Event Manager application is continuously updated with additional features via firmware upgrades: a delay can be added between the condition and the action and more actions can be triggered by a single condition change. With the help of the ‘condition count’ and ‘action test’ features, the predefined settings can be tested before going live. The system can recognize infrared commands which can also be set as conditions, and commands can also be sent via Ethernet.

Event Manager Wizard

Assigning an action to a condition is quick and easy with the Wizard function of Event Manager.
The most typical examples of the currently selectable conditions and actions within the Event Manager Wizard are the following:

 Video  Signal is detected on a port
 Video   Signal is not detected on a port


 Signal is detected on a port
 Audio   Signal is not detected on a port
 Audio   Signal type changes to PCM
 Audio   Signal type changes to Compressed
 Audio   Signal type changes to HBR
 Audio   Signal type changes to Undefined (no signal)
 IR   Infra code recognized
 General  OPT / TPS link state changes to Connected
 General  OPT / TPS link state changes to Disconnected


 Video  Switch input to output
 Video   Enable autoselect output
 Video   Disable autoselect on output
 Ethernet   Send TCP command
 Ethernet   Send UDP command
 R232   Send RS232 message
 EDID   Switch EDID
 Audio   Set audio volume
 Audio   Mute output
 Audio  Unmute output
 Audio  Increase/decrease volume

Currently the following Lightware products include Event Manager:

  • UMX-TPS-TX120/130/140
  • MMX6x2-HT200/210/220
  • MMX4x2-HDMI/HT200
  • UMX-HDMI-140
  • HDMI-TPS-TX210/TX220
  • SW4-TPS-TX240
  • SW4-OPT-TX240
  • DVI-HDCP-TPS-TX210/TX220
  • DP-TPS-TX210/TX220
  • WP-UMX-TPS-TX120-US/130-US


 Event Example A

event example a

 Event Example B

event example b

 Event Example C

 event example c


 product brief  

event manager badge

The Events menu contains separately configurable Events

screenshot 200

The Event Wizard makes the setup easy with simple dropdown options

screenshot2 200

There are many default Expressions available to choose from

screenshot3 200

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