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Single port standalone TPS power injector

Part No: 9134 0010

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Highlight features

  • Single port 48V remote power feed to a TPS endpoint
  • Optimized for HDBaseT transmission
  • 12V DC local power output
  • Feeding up to 30W power


TPS-PI-1P1 is an IEEE802.3at compatible high end remote power injector device providing power to a remote TPS transmitter or receiver.* The TPS-PI-1P1 is able to power a TPS extender placed in the TPS transmission chain, anywhere between the transmitter and the receiver unit. The incoming data stays untouched, the signal quality is unaffected but a 48V DC remote power is added to the signal by this device. This unit provides a uni-directional remote power only, but thanks to the 12V local output option the other device can be powered with the TPS-PI-1P1 if they are placed close to each other. Powering of the injector itself is provided by it’s own included power adapter. TPS-PI-1P1 has 4 front panel LED indicators for monitoring of the operation and troubleshooting: Power overload, 12V DC out active, Remote power out active and 48V DC in present.

*Remote powering of the 95 series HDMI-TPS and DVI-HDCP-TPS devices is not available by the TPS-PI-1P1 power injector.

Supplied accessories

  • 48V DC power adapter
  • 12V patch cable for the local power option (CAB-12V-U16U)


 TPS+PoE power output:  Max. 30 W
 Local power output:  Max. 30 W (2.5A@12V)
 Power consumption  4W typ., 8W max.
 Enclosure:  1 mm metal
 Dimensions:  100,4 W x 26 H x 67,6 D mm
 Weight:  224 g
 Compliance:  CE
 Warranty:  3 years


 TPS input:  RJ-45
 TPS+PoE output:  RJ-45
 48V DC power input:  2-pole 3.5mm PHOENIX
 12V DC power output:  Locking DC connector (2.1 / 5.5 mm)


Compatible products:
  • UMX-TPS-TX120
  • DP-TPS-TX210
  • DP-TPS-TX220
  • HDMI-TPS-TX210
  • HDMI-TPS-TX220
  • UMX-TPS-TX120
  • UMX-TPS-TX130
  • UMX-TPS-TX140
  • SW4-TPS-TX240


TPS-IP-1P1 100px

product brief   Quick Start Guide
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remote powering comtatibilityremote powering compatibility 

Long reach mode

Typical application

typical application 200px

12V local powering application example
12V local powering 200

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