Return audio layer

Part No: 9121 0022


  • A fully separate audio channel routed the opposite way to the Forward
    audio layer

  • Supports Stereo PCM, 7.1 Dolby Digital, 7.1 DTS audio formats


The Return audio layer enables the ability to send two different multichannel audio streams. One from source to display and another return channel in theopposite direction.

ARC (Audio Return Channel) was introduced by HDMI 1.4. This S/PDIF signal is sent in the opposite direction to the video signals. Usually displays send ARC to source devices - typically TV sound to audio receivers, or microphone sound from headsets to computers.


  • When using microphones in a KVM environment, the operator may have an LCD display, 5.1 speakers, Keyboard, Mouse and a microphone. The microphone audio signal from his headset is sent in the opposite direction to the video, 5.1 and embedded audio.
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