NEWS AND ADVERTS 26 July 2011 Dual-Link DVI Fiber extender
Dual-Link DVI Fiber extender and I/O boards

Published on 26 July 2011

Lightware Visual Engineering introduces DVIDL-OPT-TX200 and DVIDL-OPT-RX100 Dual-Link fiber extend pair.


Highlight features

  • Extend Dual-Link DVI signals over fiber
  • Built-in Advanced EDID Management
  • Local monitor Output on transmitter
  • USB control
  • TMDS Reclocking

The extender pair can transmit Dual-Link DVI signals over two multimode fiber cables for up to 2600 meters distance. Neutrik OpticalCON DUO connectors ensure reliable operation which are aslo compatible with industry standard LC Duplex fiber cables.

Dual-Link signal transmission supports '120 Hz' 3D signals. DVI Single-Link transmission is available as well with only one optical fibre. No delay occurs in the signal during optical conversion, the video image is transported without any frame latency.

Advanced EDID Management with USB control:using this unique feature there is no need to negotiate EDID information between the source and remote display.

Cross compatibility between Lightware optical products is ensured thanks to our attentive design. In a standalone application  DVIDL-OPT-TX200 and DVIDL-OPT-RX100 can work together simply, but with Lightware’s hybrid modular matrix concept, it is even possible to connect these extender boxes directly to the matrix router using an MX-DVIDL-OPT series Input or Output board.
Integrated system diagram: Stand alone and 60 + 60 Hz active 3D diagram:

Using with MX-FR17, 17x17 router frame Downloads

Download product brief

Download compatibility table
4 channel Dual-Link DVI Fiber optical Input and Output board are also
available, which are compatible with DVIDL-OPT extender pair.
Selectable connectors: Neutrik OpticalCON, -LC, -SC, -ST. No video
compression - zero frame delay. Extension distance: 2600 m.
Supports 120 Hz 3D signals.

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