HDCP compatible EDID Emulator and DVI repeater

Published on 02 September 2011

Lightware Visual Engineering introduces EDID Manager V4: HDCP compatible HDMI/DVI EDID Emulator and cable extender with USB control.

Highlited features

  • HDCP enable and disable function
  • Advanced EDID Management – with 100 EDID memories
  • Fixes EDID and keeps the source's output continuously active
  • USB control – user programmable resolutions

EDID Manager + HDCP Manager = EDID Manager V4 is a new Lightware product for system integrators and installers to guarantee a constant output and a fixed resolution from the source. From now both functions are available in one box, that eases usage of various equipment in AV systems.
HDCP enable/disable function turns off the unit's HDCP capability: This advanced professional function forces the source to send an unencrypted signal if the content itself is also unencrypted.
Users can set up any EDID resolution via the USB connector: With the Advanced EDID Editor software, you can manage every possible setting in the EDID, and upload to the memory of the EDID Manager V4.

Stand alone diagram: 
For further information and advanced techniques see our new product brief or visit our website.

Matrix Controller software:
User can create custom pixel resolution and aspect ratio video signals. Changing EDID is as simple as drag and drop. The new created EDID file can be saved in .dat, .bin or even .edid file formats.
EDID Manager V4 handles 256 byte E-EDID and CEA formats as well as 128 byte EDID.
HDCP enable/disable function:
Some computer sources choose to encrypt their output with HDCP no matter what content is being shown. If you connect an HDCP compliant product onto the output of your source, say a matrix switch, the signal becomes encrypted and you receive no picture.

Our HDCP disable function ensures we are seen as a non-HDCP device to the source and therefore no encryption is attempted. Protected content like Blu-ray will not be displayed and HDCP encrypted signals will be not unencrypted
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