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InfoComm USA
Published on 18 July 2013

The next stop on Lightware's busy exhibition calendar takes us to Sydney for Australia's Integrate show 2013.

We are going to present our modular extension system, MODEX as well as our hybrid matrices in a live 4K demonstration. The matrix frame will be populated with our 3D and 4K compatible MX-HDMI-3D and MX-TPS boards. If you come to the show you will also be able to see our 25G Hybrid architecture as well. Visit us at booth #G40!


Our new series of modular extension systems allows for almost any configuration of video, audio and control to be extended over a single twisted pair or fiber within a 1/2 RU chassis. Lightware is constantly developing new and innovative modules to satisfy every possible need. Read more...
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The Lightware MX-HDMI-3D matrix boards (input/output) provides 8 channel HDMI 1.4a inputs or outputs with DVI and HDCP compliance. Our MX-TPS family (input/output) contains 8 channel twisted pair matrix input and output boards providing HDMI 1.4, audio, Ethernet and RS-232! Resolutions up to 4K and 48-bit color depth are handled with all standard audio formats as well as 120 Hz 3D signals.
The MX-HDMI-3D boards are available with extra audio option connectors like digital S/PDIF or analog phoenix connectors for advanced audio functions whilst HDMI embedded audio signals are also managed by the board.
Our MX-TPS boards offer bi-directional RS-232, ethernet transmission and remote powering option for the TPS extenders.
All this data is transferred over a single CAT5/6/7 cable, providing outstanding performance in a versatile, modular architecture.
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  Product line 2013  
New pricelist and Product line catalogue Q3-Q4

Our newest pricelist is available now on request and contains all our new products as well as some updated information. In addition to this, we have recently released our new 2013 Q3-Q4 Product line catalogue. The new catalogue is also available, so please feel free to order one now!
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