NEWS AND ADVERTS 09 Nov. 2009-Hybrid technology

Hybrid technology is switched on

Lightware Visual Engineering is exhibiting its very latest solutions for AV professionals. They are aimed at major presentation rooms or internal high res video sys tech installers and event rentals, wherever needed. Hybrid Technology makes your installation most flexible and system design easier and more transpanent.
Redundant matrix crosspoint switcher has been configured
with a possible I/O card variation:
  • DVI Single Link output
  • DVI Dual Link output
  • CAT5 output
  • Optical NT output
  • DVI Single Link input
  • DVI Dual Link input
  • CAT5 input
  • Optical ST input

Key for fiber transmission over multimode connections:
DVI-OPT-TX200-Pro and DVI-OPT-RX200-Pro:
  • SingleFiberTechnology
  • Extends DVI-D signal over one multimode fiber core
  • Zero frame latency
  • Full resolution – No compression
  • Neutrik Opticalcon fiber connectors
  • Advanced EDID Management through LCD based menu system
  • Two identical DVI-D outputs at receiver
  • Source detection, monitor detection, laser loss detection

Twisted Pair extenders for CATx and digital signage:
  • One Cable Technology
  • DVI reclocking
  • 50 meter long DVI signal transmission at 1920x1080p resolution
  • 80 meter DVI signal transmission at 1280x1024 resolution
  • Advanced EDID Management
  • 50 programmable EDID memory
  • Local monitor output
  • Locking DC connector for secure connection
  • Source detection and Monitor detection LED
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