Lightware Visual Engineering introduces DVI-OPT-TX110 and DVI-OPT-RX110 Multimode Fiber cable extenders supporting DVI 1.0 compliant signals.

Highlight features:

  • DVI connector sized extenders
  • Several status LEDs
  • Restorable factory default EDID
  • Single Fiber Technology, zero frame delay
  • Solid aluminum housing for reliable use
  • New and more stable SC connector avoids accidental unplugging

DVI-OPT-TX110 and DVI-OPT-RX110 pair is a DVI to fiber transmitter / receiver set for up to 2600 meters distance transmission. Using Single Fiber Technology the DVI-D signal is transmitted over only one multimode 50/125 fiber core. Sources and display devices are galvanically isolated against ground loops and hum effects, and no delay occurs in the signal, the video image is transported without any frame latency.

Transmitter is shipped with a preprogrammed EDID which can be used universally, or it can be overwritten with an EDID that is learned from a display device. The factory default EDID can be restored any time. Powered from DVI source the DVI-OPT-TX110 transmitter does not need external power adaptor simplifying system installation.

Cross compatibility between Lightware fiber products is ensured thanks to our attentive design. In a standalone application DVI-OPT-TX110 and DVI-OPT-RX110 can work together simply, but with Lightware's hybrid modular matrix concept, it is even possible to connect these extender units directly to the matrix router using an MX-DVI-OPT series input or output board.

Integrated system operation: Stand alone operation:

Using with MX-FR80R, 80x80 router frame


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Compatibility table:
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