These wall-plates are all-round, universal video, audio and control transmitters using a single CAT cable up to 170m distance.

UMX-TPS extenders can offer performance and reliability while being extremely cool thanks to their low-noise active cooling system. Unlike wall-plates with passive cooling, UMX-TPS does not dissipate the heat on its metal box. We designed it to use a tiny fan and breathing holes which makes this product more reliable and prevents the surface getting too hot.


  WP-UMX-TPS-TX130-US rear view

This wall-plate family handles digital and analog video up to 4K or UHD, digital and analog audio signals, bi-directional RS-232 with command injection, Ethernet, and IR for commands. With its built-in multi-format switcher which can accept VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort, a media player, a MAC or a laptop with VGA-only output can be connected directly without a need for converters. It also has local audio embedding to embed external analog audio into the HDMI or VGA signals and transmit over the HDBaseT link.

Download WP-UMX-TPS-TX120-US product brief   Download WP-UMX-TPS-TX130-US product brief  

Telstra Customer Insight Center in Sydney

Telstra opens its new technology precinct in Sydney. The unique center was designed to bring together leading-edge technologies, innovations and insights to shift customers with 4K interactive video ring, 300 seat theatre and a datacenter amongst other superior experiences. The system contains Lightware's flagship 25G-FR160x160 & FR80x80 together with modular MX-FR33 & FR17 and an MX8x8-HDMI-Pro standalone matrix.

Han show

The Han Show
in Wuhan, China

The Han Show is based in Wuhan, China and it is the largest and most impressive permanent entertainment show in the world. At the heart of the system, video distributed through a large Lightware MX-FR65R matrix over fiber runs to the projectors. Lightware was chosen because it adds absolutely zero frame delay in the switching and extension.

Read more about these cases at Lightware news


Modular frames

  25G HYBRID technology

Modular matrix frames MX8x8HDMI-Pro  

InfoComm Brazil
InfoComm Brazil

This is the second time that Lightware will exhibit at InfoComm Brazil. The Latin American show will be held May 12-14 in Sao Paulo. We will unveil a live demonstration with our 4K compatible modular matrix and, we're showing the newly released members of our HDBaseT family together with many other switching and extending solutions for the professional AV market. Drop by our booth 616 and see one of our representatives.


InfoComm US

Meet Lightware at InfoComm!

We're delighted to invite you to join us at this year's InfoComm US exhibition. Our booth will be larger than ever, including many live demonstrations such as 4K MX series, MODEX, 25G and TPS family. We will represent the newest technologies, for instance the compact sized 25G 80x80 matrix switcher and new additions to out UMX-TPS family - moreover you could see the entire Lightware portfolio. This exhibition is taking place in Orlando, 17-19 June. You will find Lightware at booth 4069.




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