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 Huddle room solutions

Huddle rooms are open workstations for brief meetings which offer high flexibility over time and space. Read more to see a typical huddle room design application.

This type of solution is becoming more and more popular these days. When talking about time and space management, which is crucial, there are two very important reasons for having a huddle room. Firstly, people don’t need to schedule meetings beforehand and, given that meetings are often seen as bad use of time, this ensures a space when needed and encourages quick and simple discussions. Secondly, they are much easier to set up and to install given their simple nature.

Having video-conferencing in these small rooms is very comfortable and efficient as it allows users simultaneously cooperate and share content with one another to execute collaborative work - all they need is a display installed, HDMI or VGA ports in the room, a camera for videoconferencing and availability to go wireless with their smart interfaces. With HDMI/DVI/VGA ports, it's easy to connect laptops to displays and easily let them share content.


In this typical huddle room design application, there are two laptops sending VGA, DVI and HDMI signals though a Lightware UMX-TPS-TX140   transmitter
and a Lightware HDMI-TPS-RX95 receiver into a telepresence codec. The image could be shown in the full HD LED display

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