NEWS AND ADVERTS LDC Error Logs Finally Make Sense for Humans

LDC Error Logs Finally Make Sense for Humans

When we have a support request we usually ask for a log file generated within the Lightware Device Controller (LDC) application containing the actual product’s configuration, firmware version, the installed board types of the modular matrices, voltages and temperatures, error codes and many other data, which greatly help us in assessing the problem.
The problem is that the error code script is full of short error code letter combinations, hexadecimal parameters and other ’coding magic’, which might be clear and simple for some developers, but it’s all nonsense to some of us and most of the customers.
So the customers come to us, and our support experts go to the developers sometimes to find out what an error code means.
The support team has been working for a while on a solution which would make life easier for us all by transforming the log file script into something that is easier to comprehend.

Finally we have created a log translator module, first included in the v1.10.1 version of the LDC which has just been released. In the Log Viewer screen of the LDC now there are two view options to choose from, one is the usual code under ’Debug’ and the other, newly developed ’User Information’ view.
After starting LDC, in the bottom left corner you will find a ’Tools’ button, which allows for viewing log files even when the LDC is not connected to a device. When a device is connected, then the same view is also available by navigating to Settings/Log.
In the User Information view the various error codes are translated into English (human) language and the severity of a detected problem is signified by different colours. In some cases there are also some hints and information on how to eliminate an actual error.
We hope that you’ll find this function helpful in your work and that you will be as happy about it as our support people already are.

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