PRODUCTS By function 25G HYBRID frames & Media layers 25G-LAYER-RS232-160, 25G-LAYER-RS232-80

25G-LAYER-RS232-160, 25G-LAYER-RS232-80

RS-232 control layer

Part No: 9121 0012 (160), 9121 0019 (80)


  • Full transparent platform

  • Bidirectional transmission

  • Configurable baud rates per port (any user specified)

  • Input baud rate could be different from output baud rate

  • Standards: 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200


Full duplex bidirectional, more robust and more error proof than IR, RS-232 has become the standard control media for professional AV systems. The 25G Hybrid architecture is a fully transparent platform for RS-232 control signal. Ports can be linked together or treated separately allowing any 3rd party control systems to be connected.

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