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HDBaseT™ Compatible HD Video Scaler and Receiver with Local HDMI Input

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Highlight features
  • Maximum resolutions of 1920x1200@60Hz (RB) and FullHD 1920x1080@60Hz
  • Scaling of any incoming resolution to a fixed output resolution
  • Low latency, visually seamless switching on output
  • Configuration control over local or extended serial port
  • Local HDMI input with built-in switcher
  • Configuration via OSD (On Screen Display) with front panel buttons
  • 155 m Long Range Mode and 120 m automatic extension distance
  • Built-in EDID memory and management
  • Dimensions: 190.5 W x 192.5 D x 26 H mm
  • 1 mm metal casing

* Physical appearance and specifications are subject to change

HDMI-TPS-RX120-HDSR is a TPS receiver with a local HDMI input and a built-in HD video scaler. Conversion between common formats and frame rates are supported. One common resolution can be used across the whole system configuration, independent of the requirements of the connected displays, which improves
general performance.

The connected display receives continuous HDMI signal from the
scaler when a switching in the input signal occurs.


HDMI-TPS-RX120HDSR axo 200

 product brief  back view
 front view  

 Long reach mode 

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