Floorbox Panel Interface for DVI and Stereo Audio signals designed for 45x45 mm systems

Lightware FPI-DVI-Audio-100 is an active floorbox interface supporting DVI-D and Stereo Audio signals. The Floorbox Panel Interface is designed for European 45mmx45mm module system allowing aesthetic system integration.
The DVI repeater equalizes the incoming DVI-D signal and boosts it on the output allowing long distance cable routing from the floorbox to the system rack equipment. FPI-DVI-Audio-100 is compliant with HDCP encrypted DVI and HDMI signals.
Stereo Audio signals coming from laptop computers are actively converted to balanced audio format to ensure noise free long reach transmission to professional audio equipment.
3.5 mm Phoenix Combicon connectors with screw termination for Audio and power connection guarantees the reliable system integration and cabling.
The unit can be powered from DVI source device ( Laptop, computer, set top box etc.) through the input DVI connector’s pin14, or externally from the remote location. The power source can be set up by jumper located on the interface.


  • Professional AV systems
  • Conference rooms
  • Network Operation Centers
  • Medical imaging


  • DVI and HDMI repeater
  • HDCP compliant
  • Cable Equalization on inputs
  • Signal boost on output
  • Balanced Audio output
  • DDC pass through
  • Analog RGB pass through
+5V Power: 2 pole Phoenix Combicon
DVI Input: 29 pole DVI-D connector
DVI Output: 29 pole DVI-I connector
Audio input: 3.5mm Jack
Audio output: 3.5mm 5pole Phoenix Combicon


Signal Routing: DVI 1.0 with HDCP, HDMI 1.3
Bit rate: 2.25 Gbit/s per color, 6.75 Gbit/s in total
Input equalization (DVI): +12 dB
Output Boost (DVI): +6 dB jumper selectable
Resolution: +40 dB max
HDCP compliant: Yes
Power: DC 5 Volt, 250mA
Power consumption: 0.98 W (Typ) 1.27 W (Max)
Dimensions: 89,5W x 45,5D x 42H mm
Compliance: CE
Net weight: 75 gramms
Warranty: 3 years

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