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 Music Inside Rimini (M.I.R.) 2017

Date: 7-9 May 2017
Location: Rimini (Italy)

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 InfoComm US 2017

Date: 14-16 June 2017
Location: Orlando (USA)

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Behind The Scenes of DVI and HDMI

This session explains the basics of digital video transmission like DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. You will be more familiar with all the acronyms like EDID, HDCP, 3D, Deep color, etc.

TMDS transmission and errors     Attenuation and Skew problems: What's inside an HDMI cable?
EDID handshaking, Advanced EDID Management     Single and Dual-Link DVI
DVI versus HDMI: how can audio be passed over a DVI cable?
How does HDCP work? What are the keys and key limitation? How Apple laptops handle HDCP? Daisy chaning multiple HDCP devices

Digital Systems Design

This seminar builds on the knowledge of our Behind The Scenes of DVI and HDMI seminar. It explains the common problems of digital system design through real life examples.

Ground loop – cause and solutions     Things you should avoid in high speed digital systems
Systematic problem finding methods in complex systems     The newest standards (DisplayPort, Thunderbolt)
System design principles      

Seminar pictures

Lightware Seminar Germany, 2010     Lightware Seminar Switzerland, 2010
Lightware Seminar UK, 2010     Lightware Seminar ISE, 2012



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