Multimode Single Fiber Extender with Bi-directional RS-232

Part No: 9151 0027

Highlight features:

  • 4K/UHD (30Hz RGB 4:4:4, 60Hz YCbCr 4:2:0) and 3D capabilities
  • Extends HDMI1.4 + Audio + RS-232 over a single multimode fiber
  • Analog audio embedding from 3.5mm jack or 5-pole balanced Phoenix ports
  • RS-232 pass through and remote control over fiber

SW4-OPT-TX240RAK extends HDMI 1.4, DVI 1.0, HDCP and bi-directional RS-232* signals over one multimode fiber and transmit video signal with embedded audio to a distance of up to 2500 meters.

The extender was designed to handle HDMI1.4 and DP1.1 digital video signals and analog stereo audio from local inputs or HDMI embedded audio up to eight channel PCM or HBR audio. Analog audio is converted into digital format. The device has a local HDMI video output for monitoring. The video and the embedded audio of the local output is the same as the one transmitted via the OPT link. SW4-OPT-TX240RAK handles HDCP encryption.

Using the factory, custom or transparent EDID emulation the user can fix and lock EDID data on each input connector. Advanced EDID Management forces the required resolution from any video source and fixes the output format conforming to the system requirements. The unit offers bi-directional and transparent RS232. 

The device can be mounted on a rack shelf or used standalone. SW4-OPT-TX240RAK is compatible with both OPT series extenders and matrix switchers.

The device features Pixel Accurate Reclocking, a Lightware technology to eliminate jitter and skew generated by low quality sources and multiple daisy-chained devices.

Single fiber technology makes these units fully HDMI and HDCP compliant without need of a second fiber cable or copper connections. The bi-directional communication required for HDCP handshaking is performed via the same fiber core that transmits the video signal.

Galvanic isolation between source and display helps avoiding ground loops and hum effects. No delay occurs in the signal during optical conversion, the video image is transported without frame latency. This feature is crucial in 3D applications and systems where audio is processed separately.

All devices among the Lightware fiber optical product portfolio are designed to assure cross-compatibility. In a standalone application, SW4-OPT-TX240RAK and HDMI-OPT-RX200R can work together flawlessly. To simplify installation and reduce costs, The Lightware hybrid modular matrix concept allows connecting this fiber extender directly to an MX or a 25G Hybrid matrix router using MX-HDMI-OPT series input or output optical boards.


  • 4K/UHD (30Hz RGB 4:4:4, 60Hz YCbCr 4:2:0) and 3D capabilities
  • Extends HDMI1.4 + Audio + RS-232 over a single multimode fiber
  • Single fiber technology
  • USB KVM (HID) extension*
  • Local monitor output
  • Analog audio embedding from 3.5mm jack or 5-pole balanced Phoenix ports
  • RS-232 pass through and remote control over fiber
  • Control via Ethernet, RS-232 or USB
  • Pixel Accurate Reclocking
  • Zero frame latency, no delay
  • No compression
  • Cross compatibility with Lightware Fiber devices
  • Active status LEDs: signal, HDCP and link detection
  • Twist-to-lock DC power plug
  • Rack-mountable with optional accessories
  • Advanced EDID Management
  • GPIO control port
  • HDCP compliant
  • Built-in Event Manager control feature
  • CEC

* KVM function will be added by firmware upgrade


  • Long distance lossless HDMI or DVI signal transmission
  • Ground loop isolation
  • Professional AV systems, conference rooms
  • High End home cinema
  • Yacht installations 


Max Video Data rate: 9 Gbps
Max Resolution: Up to 4K UHD 3840×2160@30Hz, >1600x1200@60Hz, FullHD 1920x1080@60Hz
Video delay: 0 frames
HDCP pass through: yes
EDID emulation: yes, Advanced EDID Management
EDID memory: Factory preset, 15 user programmable
EDID support: 256 byte Extended EDID v1.3
Front panel control: Audio input select button, ShowMe button
RS-232 pass through: yes, bi-directional* 9.6, 14.4, 19.2, 38.4, 57.6 kBauds
Fiber: 50/125 SC Multimode (preferred) or 62.5/125 SC Multimode
Laser wavelengths: 6channel CWDM
High speed lanes: 778; 800; 825; 850 nm
Low speed lanes: 911; 980 nm
Laser class specification: Class 3R
Transmitter output OMA***: -6.25 dBm (worst case)
Receiver OMA*** sensitivity: -14.25 dBm (worst case)
Optical loss budget: 8 dBm (worst case)
Analog audio input volume -95.625 dB … 0 dB, in steps of 0.375 dB
Analog audio input level max 4 dBu
Power supply: External power adaptor (100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz) (5V DC, 1A)
Enclosure: 1 mm metal
Dimensions: 221 W x 100.4 D x 26 H mm
Compliance: CE
Warranty: 3 years

OMA*: Optical Modulation Amplitude

Power: Twist-to-lock DC connector (2.5 / 5.5 mm)
Video inputs: 1x DVI-D connector, 2x HDMI connectors, 1x DP connector
Video outputs: 1x HDMI connector
Fiber output: SC receptacle
Audio input: 1x 3.5mm jack, 1x 5-pole balanced Phoenix
Ethernet control 1x RJ45
GPIO 8-pole Phoenix
Serial port 3-pole Phoenix
USB mini USB-B


Max cable lengths with the available firmware versions
   OM1 OM2 OM3 OM4
  (62.5/125) (50/125) (50/125) (50/125)
  1080p@60Hz / 24bpp 250 m 600 m 1200 m 2500 m
  1080p@60Hz / 36bpp 150 m 400 m 800 m 1300 m
  4096x2048@30Hz / 24bpp Not supported 350 m 700 m 1100 m


HDMI-3D-OPT-TX210RAK back 200


 product brief front view
back view cad cad drawing
 user's manual ce icon CE Doc
csg quick start guide
  Event manager

 event manager badge

 Functional diagram

SW4-OPT-TX240RAK port diagram 2 200

Supplied accessory
universal dc adaptor 2mm 200

PSU-12VU Universal DC adaptor
Wall power adaptor with interchangeable plug for international use.Universal input: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, output: 12 V DC, 2.5 A.   

Optional accessories

Under desk mounting kit double
The UD-kit makes a single device easy to mount on any flat surface
(e.g. furniture).

Part No: 5240 0276

Rack shelf
The 1U high rack shelf provides mounting holes for fastening two half-rack or four quarter-rack sized units.
Part No: 5240 0269




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