Advanced Control Pack

Lightware offers selected HDMI and TPS extenders with an enhanced level of integration and control capabilities through its Advanced Control Pack.

Following months of intensive development in line with customer feedback and technology advancements, and as a natural progression from our Cisco Integration technology, the next generation edition of this unique solution can bring 3rd party integration to unprecedented heights.

Features of the Previous v2 Edition

Already included in a selected range of TPS extenders

Third Party Control Integration via RS-232 

Third Party Integration is easier with the RS-232 Recognizer feature, that allows incoming messages from a connected serial device to be detected and processed.

Infrared (IR) Code Sending

Infrared (IR) Code Sending means that you can send IR codes (in pronto hex format) from the Lightware device over the IR output port to the desired device.

Control over HDMI Cable

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) Support allowing CEC-compatible HDMI devices to send and/or receive CEC commands to remotely control a source or a sink device.

Touch Free Room Control

The MiniWeb feature allows to display a default control page via a single HTML link that can be easily accessed from a laptop or even from a mobile device by scaning a QR code. 

Button Lock

Button Lock adds an extra layer of protection against accidental or unauthorized pressing of the front panel control buttons.

Dark Mode

For applications where flashing LEDs or status lights are considered disruptive or unwanted, the Dark Mode makes it possible to disable these lights on the device.

Great Improvements

No Extra Cost

Easy Upgrade

Event Manager Enhancements

The Event Condition AND Operator allows integrators to configure a set of conditions and only trigger an action if both ‘Condition 1’ AND ‘Condition 2’ are true.

The Event Manager can now also handle Variables, that not only makes the use of on/off and toggle functions possible, but can also execute actions based on complex events set by smart devices.

Similarly, the External Condition Triggering feature further expands the possibilities offered by the Event Manager, allowing users to ‘emulate’ a condition without the need to physically re-plug a cable.

External Control Improvements

The TCP Recognizer and Client serves the same purpose as the RS-232 Recognizer, but for the network interface to allow the processing and execution of actions coming from an external source.

Command Salvo via HTTP makes it possible to control the Lightare device by batch of commands sent over HTTP for immediate processing.

Using the WakeOnLAN feature, the Lightware device can send a ‘wake-up’ command to the room PC to prepare it for the meeting.

Basic IT Security

The Plain Text Login tool allows users/integrators to set a password for login, thus, the device will not accept any command coming from an interface, such as RS-232 or Ethernet.

The IP Port Block feature is an additional protection for the former. There are TCP/IP ports in Lightware devices which are not protected by credentials set by the Plain Text Login, so you can disable them if necessary.

The MAC Filtering tool grants the possibility to set a device’s ability to send or receive information to/from a Lightware device, based on their MAC address.

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Additional Benefits of Upgrading to Advanced Control Pack v3

The v3 edition will be rolled out gradually and will be available for all of the below devices over the course of the coming months. Since the Advanced Control Pack v3 is technically a firmware upgrade, users of compatible devices can upgrade to it without any extra cost. Similarly, the list price of newly released devices that come with the most recent version remian unaffected.

Beyond the benefits offered by the Advanced Control Pack’s previous version, a plethora of improvements is being introduced in its next generation edition.

Download The Brochure

Beyond the brief overview on what’s new in the 3rd edition of the Advanced Control Pack you can find more detailed information in the ‘Advanced Control Pack v3 – Brochure’ which you can download here.