We would like to thank you for spending your time visiting our booth at ISE 2023, held in Barcelona. It was our honor and pleasure as we enjoyed many inspiring conversations with you. The exhibition was a great success for Lightware Visual Engineering and gave us the opportunity to showcase all our successful and award-winning devices and demos, which generated a great interest.

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The Beginning of Something Greater

Lightware Is Going to Be 25 Years Old This Year

Being on the market for 25 years now, we have always been strongly focused on expanding the horizons of what is possible within the realms of signal management, delivering numerous world-first technologies along the way. During this time, we grew from a small niche venture into a global enterprise and industry leader, serving clients all across the globe in over 30 countries, and it has established itself as one of the leading AV corporations on the global market.

Our Milestones


Company Foundation


Company Foundation

Gergely Vida has started Lightware in 1998 in a spare room of a downtown apartment out of a natural passion for cutting-edge AV technology


Invented Edid Manager


8x8 DVI Matrix with EDID Manager

We invented EDID Manager to help users handle various pre-defined video signal resolutions


First Hybrid Matrix


32x32 DVI and HDMI Matrix Switcher

Eliminated the need for multiple devices by combining DVI and HDMI connectivity ports on a large crosspoint size


Built-in Meeting Room Automatization

event manager

Event Manager

Introduced Room Automation tool that simplifies system configuration while significantly reduces the need for complex programming


UBEX 2x10 G AV over IP system


UBEX 2x10G AV-over-IP System

World's first solution to delivers the benefits of traditional AV devices such as zero frame latency and pixel-perfect video signals


Leadership in USB-C Connectivity

taurus ucx

Taurus UCX

Utilizing USB-C technology to send video, audio, control and Ethernet signals through a single cable for enhanced collaborations

Zero Latency or Loss of Quality since 1998

Our European team of 150+ engineers, system designers, integrators and AV experts have been operating successfully for over 25 years. They focus on delivering intuitive technology for AV users and professionals through pioneering devices that invisibly support their work styles. This focus resulted in the unique Taurus UCX switcher developed in 2021.

25 Years of Experience

30+ Countries

300+ Employees

600+ Products

Our Mission,

has always been to deliver reliable and versatile, yet simple and consistent AV solutions that make life easier and that ensure that technology is not an obstacle but a powerful tool. We focus on customers’ needs and deliver viable solutions over expectations with an uncompromising level of customer service and support.

We Keep

The Passion Behind Lightware

Vida Gergely

Gergely Vida has started Lightware in 1998 in a spare room of a downtown apartment out of a natural passion for cutting-edge AV technology.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our journey so far and to our amazing employees for their hard work and dedication. On the twenty-fifth anniversary of this prodigious company, and on behalf of our community of AV professionals, Lightware would like to salute those visionaries and leaders who have shaped our lives

- Gergely Vida, CEO

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