Erasmus University Rotterdam Deploys Taurus UCX

Space divides bodies, not minds. This idea of the Dutch philosopher and theologian, Erasmus of Rotterdam inspires the teaching staff, students, and alumni of the eponymous university, Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR).

EUR develops this thought further stating that minds connect. The University community pursues the belief in science and technology that can help solve the problems of our times.

The post-pandemic learning landscape has become ubiquitously hybrid. In line with their mapped-out plan of digitalization and hybrid teaching provision across the campus, the AV-IT professionals of the University reached out to Lightware’s Dutch office, for testing TAURUS UCX, a universal USB-C switcher. Back in spring 2021, and broadly still now, TAURUS UCX offers a unique set of features that the engineers of the University considered relevant for their task.

After a successful demo test of TAURUS UCX-4x2-HC30, the University commissioned the first enrollment of 19 college rooms where 8 of which are hybrid college rooms at the Theil Building of the EUR campus.

The University commissioned Kinly, the global provider of AV systems integration services & support, to convert the college rooms into hybrid learning environments. With a focus on the benefits of the technology for the EUR, Kinly used the abundance of the features encompassed by TAURUS UCX to create the learning environment that works perfectly for the University:

  • The instructors positively assessed the usability of one-cable connectivity, rapid switching, and smooth operation of the USB-C technology, they confidently use the BYOD functionality of the switcher, whilst students broadly enjoy the bring-your-own-device capability of the modernized classrooms,
  • the AV-IT campus engineers benefit from the project architecture with the switcher being networked, which enables its remote diagnostics, control and management.

Kinly engaged TAURUS UCX’s open API remarkably seamless integration capability, by placing the switchers into the control solution that offers the benefits of remote monitoring and management of Utelogy Corporation.

With Lightware and Utelogy integration, the University has received an across-campus solution where the multiple USB-C TAURUS UCX switchers are controlled on the Management and Monitoring platform that allows preempting and solving technical issues supporting maximum uptime of the devices. The Utelogy software provides automated remote diagnostics and room usage reports that supply the engineers and the administration with the data to maximize the efficiency of the AV technology and the venue.

With the confidence growing about Lightware TAURUS UCX universal switcher as the best fit for their hybrid classrooms, the University deployed 51 more units in the second year of the Campus Development Programme, in 2022. The AV-IT team plans to install more TAURUS UCX on the campus, to make this product the standardized hybrid technology device in the EUR.

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Minds connect. This is the credo of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. By sharing knowledge, offering new solutions, and venturing new entrepreneurship the University makes minds matter. So do we, at Lightware: staying in close contact with the University engineers, we share our expertise to provide support and enhance user experience for the University.


Erasmus University Rotterdam Launched Campus Development Programme that Deploys TAURUS UCX as Core UC Switcher for Hybrid College Rooms