FH Campus Wien Features HDBaseT™ Technology by Lightware

FH Campus Wien, University of Applied Sciences, Vienna, is a unique higher education establishment in Europe, being the winner of the Austrian EFQM Award for Corporate Quality 2022. It provides a professional learning environment for 6000 students.

Its practice-oriented teaching demands innovative educational and learning cultures encouraging students to work autonomously, place problems and focus on applications.

When faced with the necessity to provide reliable distance teaching in the Covid 2020-2021 years, the FH Campus Wien administration approached their long-term AV solutions integrator, kmc kloesch media complete gmbh. Kmc has been providing services to the university since 2009, offering their professional customer-centered approach, expertise, and efficiency.

Since reliability, seamless user experience, and timely supply were the key challenges for launching distance learning, kmc deployed Lightware’s EDU-P1 bundle, including the flagman TPS (HDBaseT™) switcher and transmitter SW4-TPS-TX240-Plus and HDMI-4K-De-embeder. In just 8 weeks from development to deployment, kmc launched a pilot project embracing 20 autonomous lecturing rooms running on EDU-P1.

After one year of successful zero-failure user experience, the university confidently commissioned to kmc further expansion of EDU-P1 into the campus’s Module 2 of HoSE, House of Science and Engineering, into 50 more lecturing and seminar rooms with a 20 000 sq mtrs footprint.

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By leveraging Lightware’s EDU-P1 bundle in Module 2, FH Campus Wien enjoys enhanced lecturing, and controlling experience built on a plethora of features fit for a dynamic lecturing room:

  • SW4-TPS-TX240-Plus device transmits universal video, audio and control signals up to 170 mtrs over a single CAT5/6/7, handling HDMI 1.4, DP 1.1 digital video signals and analog stereo audio from local room inputs or HDMI/DP Embedded Audio up to eight Channel PCM or HBR audio. It offers an advanced control feature pack for 3rd party video conference collaboration, built-in Event Manager automation functionality, receives/emits commands on RS-232 or IR injections, has a GPIO port, extends Ethernet at 100 Mbps
  • HDMI-4K De-embedder processes the PCM audio stream, featuring the audio out 5 pole Phoenix socket and a 3.5 jack for headphone monitoring

With the above capabilities of the EDU-P1 bundle, the University’s IT team obtained a fully featured reliable solution free from network drops. The Lightware transmitter with Ethernet and TPS ports allowed simple, efficient, and affordable setup. Mounted in a dedicated 19” furniture piece, the AV installation is accurately stored in classrooms.

Having built their project on Lightware, FH Campus Wien enjoyed efficiency and commitment of kmc and Lightware: whilst many manufactures are struggling with the post-covid supply-chain issues, Lightware is consistent in supplying solutions fit for AV professional applications in an exceptionally quick and effective manner. The Module 2 project was launched on August 24, 2022, to equip teachers and students with the AV technology to maintain their enhanced learning experience.

Currently, summer-2023, kmc is working on the next expansion of the campus, named Module 3, HoHS, House of Health Sciences. It has a footprint of about 42 000 sq mtrs hosting more than 120 seminar and lecturing rooms. The majority of those rooms will also feature Lightware’s EDU-P1 bundle. The new building will go into service in September 2024 and increase the total number of rooms with AV equipment to approximately 300.


FH Campus Wien, Module 2, Features HDBaseT Technology Provided by Lightware’s EDU-P1.

About FH Campus Wien: fh-campuswien.ac.at/die-fh/standorterweiterung.html

For more information on Lightware EDU-P1 bundle, please visit lightware.com/edu-p1/