NEW! HDBaseT™ Compatible Scaler Receiver

Would you need a FullHD HDBaseT™ receiver, which is also a scaler? Your wait has ended.

We have recently released the HDMI-TPS-RX120-HDSR, which is an HDBaseT compatible TPS receiver with a local HDMI input.

No more blinking screens or puzzled meeting participants: the device includes a built-in HD video scaler for fast switching; the connected display sink receives continuous HDMI signal from the scaler even when a change in the input signal occurs.

Do you have mixed resolution media? The unit scales any incoming resolution to fixed output resolutions of maximum 1920x1200@60Hz (RB) or FullHD 1920x1080@60Hz, or lower. It provides low latency, quick switching on output; HDMI, HDCP and DVI compliant, and allows connecting from 155 m in Long Reach Mode and 120 m in automatic mode. It also handles Ethernet and RS-232.

To switch between remote and local sources, the HDMI-TPS-RX120-HDSR has a local HDMI input with a built-in switcher to select source. When settings are being performed, configuration appears as OSD (On-Screen-Display) feedback messages on the connected display. Adjustments can be made using the front panel buttons.

Of course this product is compatible with all HDBaseT compatible Lightware TPS transmitters and matrix switchers, features include factory-loaded EDID memory slots, Pixel Accurate Reclocking and the Lightware Device Controller software to perform any adjustment using a connected computer via RS-232.

The device can be used standalone, or mounted on a rack, on truss, or a piece of furniture—and if you are the comfy type, and want to switch functions and input sources from the far end of the conference table, we have an optional remote controller also available.

Visit the product page for detailed specifications and other downloadable media: