Lavazza Nuvola Corporate Campus Italy

The name of Lavazza’s new headquarters is Nuvola, the Italian word for “cloud”. It occupies several buildings in Turin’s city centre, all designed to integrate technology and culture. The A/V matrix switchers are by Lightware, and are configured to support any type of signal.

The new Lavazza head office is integrated with industrial buildings of historical interest: there are event spaces, conference rooms, restaurants, a design school, and an interactive museum to celebrate the brand’s history. The project is also designed with the city in mind and it has completely redeveloped a  neighbourhood in the heart of Turin: when construction work is complete, the city’s residents will have new pedestrianized areas, a 3,500 square metre garden plaza, and an underground car park.

The central control room is the true beating heart of the entire campus. It contains a Lightware 25G 80x80 matrix router, configured with modules and cards in groups of 8 for input and output signals with HDMI, audio and fibre optic connectivity.

"The advantage of a single control room with a Lightware matrix router is the flexibility of acting on a series of multiple requirements. In essence, it means setting up a system that can easily respond to any requirement."

Gabriele Magagna
Owner of Acuson

With this device it is possible to fully control the other two buildings that make up Lavazza’s new campus as well, thanks to the cabling in multimodal optic fibre throughout. The configuration ensures excellent performance for exchanging A/V data, even for high-resolution signals. Adaptability is one of its strong points: in a system as extensive and complex as the one installed at Lavazza’s new headquarters, it’s essential to be able to send any type of signal on any physical medium.

 Lavazza Nuvola Corporate Campus Italy