New Lightware Website Launched

Concluding the first website development phase, which started in February this year, the new Lightware website is officially launched with all the functions and information of the old site and a few substantial design, feature and content changes.

We hope you all like the new design, which retains the primary company colors with some fresh blue inserts. The other obvious change you may instantly face is that the website is now fully responsive, it adapts automatically to mobile device displays.

The landing page visitors first arrive to is a portal-like page with links to every important section and information. The on-site search works much better than on the previous website, and now there are filtered search available for finding an actual device with the desired properties.

Products are classified into product families and there is also a vertical market segmentation.

Developments are not yet finished, as the current looks reflect only the results of development phase one and two more of them are still ahead of us, probably including all features and services planned by the next summer. Look around now and discover the new Lightware website. We do hope you will like it.