Redesigned User's Manuals

Our recently released products are now accompanied by user's manuals which carry a totally revamped look and structure.

The new format will also be applied to older products, which are still popular and marketed. The new format is horizontal, as apparently most people read these documents on screen, but the size still remained printable to A4 or Letter size with a narrow blank at the top and the bottom margins. A mini Table of Contents was inserted at the start of every chapter, pages are bundled with navigation buttons, which will help users to return to the start page or to the previously read page if they were forwarded by a hyperlink previously.

Images and figures are now bigger, basically as big as possible with the format limits given, while the size of the publications have been reduced. User's manuals are now easier to see through, more user friendly and have become more visual with fewer texts.

We do hope you will like the new looks! Go ahead and take a look at a new type of user's manual yourself: 

 Event Manager User's Manual