Lightware @ Smart Building Expo

The Smart Building Expo is the new trade fair in Milan, Italy, and it is dedicated to connectivity, building automation and system integration to lay down the foundations of the Smart City of the present and the future.

We aimed to bring the Lightware solutions to our exhibition booth which represent the latest developments of digital video signal management technology, with special emphasis on Networked AV products.

Our VINX Gigabit Ethernet extenders (VINX-110-HDMI-DEC and VINX-120-HDMI-ENC) were apparently the most popular among these, while many visitors were equally interested in UBEX, our soon-to-be-released, new generation optical extender line.

With its reinforced, rugged chassis, and other rather useful features make our HDMI20-OPTC-TX/RX220-Pro optical extenders to be especially interesting for the Rental & Staging segment, while the very same features also gave many ‘smart’ ideas for possible applications to some of our guests.

Event Manager, the built-in control feature of Lightware extenders and select matrix switchers is still very popular, as it can provide all the control that may be needed in a less complex configuration.

Smart Building Expo was a colorful exhibition where visitors and exhibitors shared new ideas for smart and creative future solutions. We look forward to meeting you again there the next time!