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Lightware is Europe's largest manufacturer of AV management products in both fixed installation market areas (e.g. in theaters, in the entertainment industry, for medical applications, in the education sector, in smart homes as well as for all types of corporate applications such as collaboration and conferencing) and in the extensive segment of live events. For over 20 years, numerous projects with the powerful and reliable systems from Lightware have been planned and carried out in many countries around the world. For instance solutions from Lightware can be found among the teams that broadcast the Olympic Games, power the Eurovision Song Contest or execute the Dubai Expo.

Lightware develops and produces all products at the company’s headquarter in Budapest (Hungary). The company is privately owned by company founder Gergely Vida. To this day he is CEO and head of the development department.


Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania

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Piotr Debski
Piotr Debski

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