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Lightware Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

Using ClickShare, you just walk in the room and your laptop gets connected to the room camera, soundbar or speakerphone. But what do you do, if more people want to share the same USB peripheral? Yes, then you have to use Lightware’s solution!

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Lightware and Barco both aim to enhance the meeting room experience. With employees returning to offices, a better user experience is more important then ever. As a result, seamless wired or wireless operation has become increasingly important.

We both strive to provide simple and intuitive technology to AV integrators, enabling them to provide state-of-the-art solutions for end users. A well equipped meeting room can seamlessly support their work, so they could focus on what they present and discuss, without being embarressed by technical shortages in what and how to connect.

Optimal Solution for Hybrid Collaborations

Combination of WIFI and USB Connectivity

Multiple Peripheral Connectivity for the Displays (USB, HDMI)

Easy to Set Up and Configure the System with the built-in Lightware Advanced Room Automation System (LARA)

ClickShare Conference in combination with Lightware Taurus UCX USB and HDMI Switchers can solve multiple use cases whereby e.g., multiple devices need to use the same USB peripherals, or these devices want to share content to the same display.

In rooms where ClickShare Conference is used as the default way to wirelessly present and conference, but occasionally users want to connect their laptop to either the display and/or the USB peripherals, a Lightware Switcher can be used to automatically trigger the required changes. Recommended switchers for this use case are the Taurus UCX-switchers.

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Lightware’s Taurus UCX is a universal switcher with the potential to transform any meeting space or huddle room into a unified communication powerhouse by unlocking all the benefits offered by USB-C technology.
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Universal Switcher with HDMI 2.0 and USB-C connectivity


Universal Matrix Switcher with HDMI 2.0 connectivity and USB 3.1 Gen1 features

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lightware taurus UCX-2x1-HC30

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Universal Matrix Switcher with HDMI 2.0 connectivity and USB 3.1 Gen1 features

lightware taurus UCX-4x2-HC30

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lightware taurus UCX-4x2-HC30D

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ClickShare wireless conferencing devices help you run a better hybrid meeting in small to large meeting rooms and board rooms.
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ClickShare CX-20
lightware taurus ucx 2x2 h30
ClickShare CX-30
lightware taurus UCX-4x2-HC30
ClickShare CX-50
lightware taurus UCX-4x2-HC30D
ClickShare CX-50 Gen 2

MTR Button up!

This solution provides automatic BYOD or content sharing switchover function for conference rooms. Sources can be connected wirelessly with Barco ClickShare CX-30, CX-50 and CX-50 Gen 2 systems, or can be wired directly to the Lightware Taurus unit.

The wireless switchover is driven by the ClickShare button. The way of switching depends on the call status of the MTR conference system:

  • When the MTR is out of call, the active source is automatically selected for BYOD type switching (video signal, USB room camera, microphone, speaker) by the LARA logic, according to the parameter settings
  • When the MTR is in call, the video signal of the active source selected by the logic is switched to the Taurus output connected to the sharing input of the MTR system
The solution can also be used without the MTR conference system, for button driven wireless switchover according to the priorities, set in the Wireless Presenter Switcher module instance for the Barco ClickShare unit and for the other BYOD sources configured.

With the Lightware "MTR Button up!" Solution the ClickShare is connected to a Taurus UCX switcher. In the configuration you need a Conference PC as a hardware codec. If that is Then you will be able to provide the following services to participants:

  • Share the room USB camera with any BYOD device connected either wired or wireless
  • Share user content of the BYOD screen using either USB port or the ClickShare button
  • Switching between BYOD sources based on USB connection or the ClickShare button
  • Connection to corporate network via USB-C port
  • Charge BYOD device on USB-C port

For corporate & enterprise and other potential users, who integrate Barco ClickShare CX series wireless systems with MTR conference systems, the Barco ClickShare Button and App and MTR call state driven Taurus switcher for single and dual display setups is a LARA configuration package together with the Lightware Companion app for the MTR system, that

  • switches the USB peripherals and HDMI display from the MTR system to the Barco ClisckShare CX system
  • when the MTR system is idle (not in a call), and the ClickShare button is pressed,
  • can be set to switch the USB peripherals to the Barco CX unit when a ClickShare Button or App is connected to it (before sharing).
  • It works with Barco ClickShare CX-50, CX-30 Gen2, CX-50 Gen2 systems for setups with single display wireless presenter connection,
  • works with Barco ClickShare CX-50 Gen 2 systems for setups with dual display wireless presenter connections,
  • works with single or dual display MTR systems,
  • works in either single or dual display setups,
  • provides optional handling of additional BYOD source(s) such as a Laptop connected directly to Lightware Taurus
  • provides optional switching of the active sources connected to Lightware Taurus inputs to the HDMI ingest port of the MTR system for sharing in call when the MTR system is in use (in a call)
  • works with other PC based conference systems without call state sensing/driving
Our solution requires
  • uploading the configuration package to LARA,
  • setting the IO port configurations for the MTR and Barco ClickShare inputs and Taurus outputs,
  • setting the Barco ClickShare IP address, username and password for connection,
  • setting the parameters of the operation logic according to the required operation,
  • installing and setting the Lightware Companion app on the MTR system

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