Defense & Intelligence AV Market Solutions

Lightware has for many years been delivering trusted AV solutions for defense and intelligence clients around the world.

Deployed to challenging and often highly-classified environments, Lightware is proud to support mission-critical systems across land, air and sea domains.

Traditional, commercially focused audio-visual and IT systems are not designed for the ultra-low latency and high-security requirements of the defense and intelligence markets.


Lightware has a deep understanding of the unique and specialized needs of AV applications for governmental and public environments. As such, the secure, ‘data diode class’ versions of our products enable defense and intelligence organizations to safely deploy our high-fidelity solutions within highly classified environments in line with national and international Information Assurance requirements.

Data Diode Technology

A data diode is a physical network device allowing data to travel only in one direction to guarantee information security. They are most commonly found in high security environments such as nuclear power plants, electric power generation or defense facilities where connections between two or more networks are on different security levels, especially if those with lower levels also have access to the open Internet. The hardware-based nature of data diodes renders them to be the highest possible level of security besides of disconnecting networks completely.

From HQ-based Command & Control Centers to highly mobile combat operations, Lightware provides solutions that have been built to withstand the challenges posed by harsh environments of all kind.

We understand that for C2 & C4ISR environments flaws in image or sound quality, and signal latency are entirely unacceptable, hence our technology has been designed from the outset to be robust and resilient with full redundancy, including a range of features that makes them particularly suitable for mission-critical operations.

Lightware provides the highest signal fidelity, combined with the unparalleled versatility of multilayer switching, extreme redundancy, and hot-swappable interface cards in the 25G Hybrid modular matrix system, a device that is particularly popular among those designing and deploying command & control centres.

Likewise, our MX modular matrix range is well-known for its durability, serving in numerous military installations around the world.

Sample deployments:

  • Command & Control Centres: HQ and FOB-based systems
  • Briefing Rooms: Secure video conferencing
  • Mobile C2/C4ISR: Truck and container-based solutions
  • UAV Operations: Ground control systems
  • Naval Ships: Combat Information Centres

Case Studies:

  The Police HQ Operations Center in Prague
  Protec Explosive Opening Ceremony - 2019 IDEX