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Lightware is a trusted European manufacturer approved to supply NATO with multi-awarded high-fidelity AV Signal Management solutions. The highest performance and security of our products combined with the incomparable support of Lightware’s AV specialists ensure unrivalled benefits for our customers. Lightware’s NATO TEMPEST-compliant products are deployed in Defense, Government, and Intelligence sectors across the globe.

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has always been to deliver reliable and versatile, yet simple and consistent AV solutions that make life easier and that ensure that technology is not an obstacle but a powerful tool. We focus on customers’ needs and deliver viable solutions with an uncompromising level of customer service and support.

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Lightware offers a selection of NATO SDIP 27 B TEMPEST-compliant products including Data Diode technology. With 802.1x, our devices are trusted network endpoints. Supporting HTTPS protocol, and password protection over HTTP and HTTPS we take up additional security measures.

Zero Latency

Our technology transmits each bit of data with zero latency to build real-time awareness that is mandatory for mission-critical applications where decisions, commands and control are made based on instant data updates. In such applications, zero latency is also crucial for control of the technology and provision of its 100% uptime. With us, customers are confident that the data runs in real time to fit their needs.

Open API

Engineered with uncompromising quality and proven performance, Lightware’s technology enables smooth interoperability and integration into more extensive solutions, higher-level management, control, and monitoring systems supported by the open API feature available in our devices. We provide seamless compatibility with 3rd party devices to enable customers to meet all their ICT and AV needs.

Analytics and Diagnostics

The built-in video frame rate analyzer present in Lightware devices ensures constant updates on the exact pixel count and clock frequency that allows maintaining high-quality video signal delivery.

Meeting and Briefing Rooms

Lightware’s solutions for meeting and briefing rooms provide seamless interoperability, functionality, robust security, and ease of use. They are cost-effective and reliable. With Lightware, customers are able to hold classified or unclassified meetings using multiple UCC platforms and hosting external visitors in person or virtually.

Lightware is the AV Industry leader in developing and exploiting USB-C technology which forms a key part of the TAURUS UCX USB-C universal switcher and TAURUS UCX TX/RX extension pair. TAURUS UCX Series is a powerful Unified Communications technology that allows secure and convenient collaboration.

It allows seamless connectivity across various video conferencing applications, including Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and others.

TAURUS UCX combines video, audio, control and ethernet signals into one single cable, and together with the auto-switching and intuitive room control capabilities it brings you the experience of the future – today.

Command and Control Rooms

Harvesting, real-time analysis and dissemination of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) information through AV have turned command and control centers into flexible collaboration platforms.

The Defense and Government command and control rooms need cyber-secure solutions ensuring visual clarity, zero latency, flexibility of architecture and KVM functionality; remote management, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.

For command and control rooms, Lightware offers innovative and robust technology, including both AV-over-IP and traditional matrixes and switches. Our extenders deliver data, av, and control signals over fiber optics and CATx cables at zero latency and with uncompromising accuracy. We offer NATO TEMPEST SDIP 27 Level B compliant products and Data Diode enabled devices.

Training and Simulation

The key to the success of training and simulation and Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) inclusive, is the quality and reliability of the immersive AV experience for students and instructors.

For students and instructors to conduct mission rehearsals with confidence, Lightware delivers proven high-fidelity uncompressed 4K60Hz solutions that ideally integrate into immersive environments.

Lightware’s award-winning UBEX AV-over-IP TEMPEST approved devices support standalone simulator operations or can be linked with multiple trainers and trainees for a team or collective training to simulate the specific domains and environments the military encounter on their mission.

Active Learning Space

Active Learning Classrooms in military and government training academies offer cutting-edge technology and are student-focused. Typically, the room design includes the instructor’s lectern in the center of the floor with student collaboration tables around.

Lightware provides innovative, reliable, and cost-effective AV technology to enable efficient training. For this, Lightware offers USB-C and HDMI connectivity, AV-over-IP matrix switching, and extension for collaboration capable of resolution up to 4K60Hz 4:4:4.

Lightware’s technology enables instructors to output content on the large classroom screen to share with the whole class, and/or to all the student screens. The instructor can also choose to display any student’s content to any or all displays in the room as well. The matrix video solution is enabled by Lightware TPN technology powered by SDVoE.


NATO TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level B Certified Product variants are available

The strictest standard NATO TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level is Level A, which corresponds to NATO Zone 0 and assumes that an attacker can be located up to one meter away. For Level B (or NATO Zone 1), it is assumed that an attacker will not be located within 20 meters of the equipment. Level C (NATO Zone 2) sets the distance at 100 meters.


NCI Agency BOAs are acquisition instruments negotiated between suppliers of products and services and the NCI Agency on behalf of NATO. The aim of the BOA procurement procedure is to provide NATO host nations with an accelerated and cost-effective acquisition method for COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) products and services. Lightware signed its Basic Ordering Agreement (NCIA/BOA/115633) with the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) on 5 Jan 2022.

TAA Compliang


Lightware offers TAA compliant products that meet the requirements for procurement by US federal government agencies. These products are eligible for General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contracts.

Network Authentication Protocol - IEEE 802.1X

Lightware has implemented IEEE 802.1X, a standard network authentication protocol, that allows organizations to control which endpoints can access their networks. By using 802.1X, Lightware devices can be trusted endpoints of secured defense, government, and corporate networks that restrict access for guest computers and provide added protection against potential attackers.

IEEEE 802.1x

Download our Tempest certificates

Please note that the Lightware product variants can be certified on request for the Tempest SDIP27 Level B standard (to a specific product serial number).

Access Multiple Video Conference Platforms in One Room


The Taurus UCX allows users to utilize various video conference platforms within the collaboration space from Cisco Webex to utilize multiple unified communications platforms, such as CiscoRoom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and more, and also makes it easy and intuitive for users to switch between these depending on the needs of their meetings.

Full HDMI 2.0 compatibility
allowing 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 signals

USB-C Connectivity
and Charging up to 100W (total 120W)

USB 3.1 Gen1 connectivity
and Host switching layer

Analog and Dante/AES67
audio de-embedding

Simplified and Automated
Room Utility Controls

Enhanced Ethernet
Security Features

Optical AV Over IP Video System for 10G Networks


UBEX is an unrivaled AV-over-IP device that delivers pixel-accurate 4K60 video in real-time, from live events to E-sports to XR applications with Dolby Atmos capabilities for the ultimate immersive experience.

Operates over 10G Ethernet networks with 2x10G links

Can fit into systems with legacy components

End-to-end redundancy and double scaling

Uncompressed signals up to 4K60 4:4:4

Great compatibility with off-the-shelf networking equipment

Ultra-low latency

AV Over IP Scaling Multimedia Extender with USB KVM, RS-232 and IR


Our AV-Over-IP system for Gigabit Ethernet networks, the VINX series devices are popular products, which can also run in point-to-point configuration and have diverse application possibilities, especially recommended for applications where scalability, flexibility and rapid deployment are in focus.

Scaling of video signals to match the properties of the target display

Built-in website for device configuration

Can be remote powered through CATx cable (PoE PD)

Audio de-embedding and analog audio support

USB K+M (HID) extension

Local output and analog video support

Standalone Matrix Switchers with HDMI 2.0


The extensive selection of available variants, compatibility and connectivity features make the MX2M matrix switchers a perfect fit for any AV operation, whether it is a corporate meeting room, auditorium, live event or even a state-of-the-art XR video screen application in a high-end production.

4K60 Video Signals over HDMI 2.0 & DisplayPort

Zero Latency For Critical Operations

High bitrate Audio Support including Dolby Atmos, TrueHD, DTS-HD

Wide Selection of Crosspoint Sizes and Variants

Full End-to-End DisplayPort Variants - Only from Lightware

HDR and Low Latency Dolby Vision support

Small, Rugged and Reliable: OPTJ Optical Extenders for HDMI 2.0

The OPTJ extenders have all the specs matching those of the HDMI 2.0 standard, with Full 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 resolution transferred to 600 m range, while Full HD signals can reach as far as 2500 m. The devices are small (easy to hide), rugged, and easy-to-install anywhere thanks to the hook-and-loop fastener belts

Fixed HDMI port saved cable

Massive megas chassis for safety, security and passive cooling

No siganl latency, zero frame delay

Supports all embedded audio format

Status LEDs (fiber link, signal and HDCP detect)

Unocmpressed video up to 18 Gbps data rate

Data Diode Technology

The data diode technology is most commonly found in high security environments such as nuclear power plants, electric power generation or defense facilities where connections between two or more networks are on different security levels, especially if those with lower levels also have access to the open Internet.

Non-routable, one-way data transfer between two endpoints

The data diode separates the source and the sink

This technology is preventing leakage and manipulation

A secure and convenient way of technology

Full Featured USB-C Cables


USB-C technology was designed to make signal transmission more convenient and provide users with unprecedented speeds, easy connectivity and useful features.

4K 60FPS video and audio

Data speed up to USB3.2 Gen 2x2 20Gbps

Fast charging of laptops, tablets and phones up to 100W

Convenient to use and to install

Military Certified Products

The following variants (to specific a product serial number) can be certified on request for the Tempest SDIP27 Level B standard, making them suitable for defense, intelligence and government projects.
Universal Matrix Switcher with HDMI 2.0 and USB-C Connectivity

Universal Matrix Switcher with HDMI 2.0 and USB-C Connectivity

4x2 HDMI Matrix Switcher with Breakaway Analog Audio

4x2 HDMI Matrix Switcher with Breakaway Analog Audio

lightware taurus ucx 2x2 h30

Full 4K HDMI 2.0 Compatible Fiber Optical Extender

lightware taurus UCX-4x2-HC30

16x16 HDMI 2.0 matrix with Breakaway Analog Audio

lightware taurus UCX-4x2-HC30D

Multimode Single Fiber Extender pair

lightware taurus UCX-2x1-HC30

Full 4K HDMI 2.0 Compatible Fiber Optical Extender

lightware taurus ucx 2x2 h30

Multimode Single Fiber Extender pair

lightware taurus UCX-4x2-HC30

HDMI 2.0 Compatible Full 4K Matrix Switcher

lightware taurus UCX-4x2-HC30D

Optical AV Over IP Video System for 10G Networks


Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

We reduce carbon footprint on transportation by in-house design and manufacturing

Simple product and package designs to reduce use of chemical painting

Minimal design
recycled paper packaging

Room Automation

Optimized costs and smaller environmental footprint through reduction of control units

Resources optimization through pre-settings and programming
(e.g. lights, heat)

Automated turn on and off

Built-in Room Automation Solutions

Lightware Advanced Room Automation

With LARA we provide a future-proof room automation platform for system integrators so they can seamlessly and effectively support mission-critical environments and hybrid meetings

Event Manager

The Event Manager is a smart, built-in, room control feature in the Lightware HDBaseT compatible TPS extender family. It provides simple and streamlined control to exactly fit the scope of functionality the customer needs

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Case Studies

The Police HQ Operations Center in Prague

The operations center of the Police Presidium has undergone great changes this year: extensive reconstruction, including moving and modernizing the IT and AV technology.

Protec Explosive Opening Ceremony - 2019 IDEX

The International Defense Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) is a biannual arms and defense technology sales exhibition.

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