LDC v1.20.0b5 Release

A new, v1.20.0b5 version has been released for the Lightware Device Controller.

New Features

LW3 Devices

  • [LDC-2650] - We have changed the Autotake button's name to "Auto Load" on Crosspoint/Presets tab.


  • [LDC-2257] - CEC functionality has been added to MX2-8x8-HDMI20-AUDIO input and output port window.

MMX4x2-HDMI, MMX4x2-HT200

  • [LDC-2398] - New Event Manager wizard options have been added.
  • [LDC-2619] - We have added a new Audio crosspoint (requires firmware v1.2.x or above).
  • [LDC-2620] - We have added a new "Presets" tab to Crosspoint menu.
  • [LDC-2621] - Identify Device function is now also available on the Settings/Status/General tab.

Detailed Release Note: http://software.lightware.eu/software/release-notes

Auto update is available for LDC, but you may also visit this link to acquire your own copy now: http://software.lightware.eu/software/