HDMI and HDCP Compliant Fiber Optical Input Board

MX‑HDMI‑OPT‑IB offers an extremely long, 2500m extension range over a single Multimode fiber for HDMI, DVI, VGA signals on eight channels supporting 4K resolution and 3D formats.

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MX-HDMI-OPT-IB is an eight-channel fiber optical extension board for HDMI and DVI signals, extending to a range of 2600 m over a single fiber cable. The internal fiber to HDMI conversion adds no latency or frame delay and uses no video compression.

Compatible products

HDCP compliancy: yes
Max Resolution: 4096x2048@30Hz, 1920x1080@60Hz
Power consumption (3.3 V): 1.2 A (typical), 1.5 A (max.))
Power consumption (5 V): 0.3 A (typical), 0.3 A (max.)
Calculated AC Power (W): 7.8 W (typical), 9.7 W (max.)
Heat dissipation (BTU/h): 26 BTU/h (typical), 31 BTU/h (max.)
Weight: 1500 g
Output connectors: NT

Maximum extension distances
  OM1 (62,5/125) OM2 (50/125) OM3 (50/125) OM4 (50/125)
1080p@60Hz 24 bpp Not supported 600 m 1200 m 2500 m
1080p@60Hz 36 bpp Not supported 400 m 800 m 1300 m
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